Flatbread (Coconut flour and Psyllium)

Flatbread (Coconut flour and Psyllium)Yummy flatbreadThis is another great use of Psyllium in a grain free bread recipe and is very easy to make too.   Since Psyllium and coconut flour are high in fibre this bread is very filling.  Make sure you drink a lot of water!  You can use this for dipping with sauces, spread with pate or load it up like a open sandwich.    Use it like a sandwich wrap, make a mini pizza…just have fun and enjoy it!  You could play around with the spices too, perhaps add chillis?  I found this recipe from a lovely blog http://clevercook.net.au/ which is full of awesome recipes!    I used a griddle pan to cook them as I liked the markings it gave on the bread too.INGREDIENTS60g coconut flour2 tblspn psyllium husk powder (must be the powder form).40g coconut oil (or melted butter)1/2 tspn salt1 tspn baking powder250g boiling water (boil it just as you need it)herbs/garlic powder (optional)An open sandwich with grilled veggiesMETHODMix the dry ingredients with a hand whisk.Add the oil and blend well.  It will look like a nut butter.Add the boiling water, half at a time and blend until a dough like mixture forms. Divide the mixture into 3 large balls.Roll the balls between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper and flatten out.Dry fry in a pan for 2– 3 minutes each side, until golden.Eat and enjoy!Makes 2-4.Nutrition – Each :: 185 Calories; 12g Fat; 3g Protein; 16g Carbohydrate; 11g Dietary Fiber; 5g Net CarbFollow me on Facebook for extra bits and fun!https://www.facebook.com/DivaliciousRecipesShare this with:

Source: Flatbread (Coconut flour and Psyllium)


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